The Freedom to Choose!

A Group of Like Minded People Who Want To Keep Hawaii Mandate Free!

Aloha and Thank You for Your Support

Mandate Free Hawaii is a group of like minded people who believe that being able to choose what we put in to our bodies is a fundamental Right! We come together as First Responders, Educators, Parents, Students and Government Employees of Hawaii to Stand Up for the Freedom to Choose. Fill out our contact form to learn how you can join or support the fight for the Right to Choose!


Attorney Shawn Luiz makes official statement to Hawaii Media

Freedoms of Choice and Speech

Mandate Free Hawaii supports our freedoms of choice and speech. As Americans, one of our FUNDAMENTAL rights is to speak in protest.

We understand, however, that our state is currently enduring a very difficult time in this pandemic. We ask our supporters and the public that if they do choose to voice their concerns openly at gatherings, that they do so respectfully.

We do not endorse nor condone harassment or threats of political figures or any individual. And we ask ALL to respect governmental leaders requests regarding gatherings, inside and outside.

This movement is about preserving our naturally endowed freedoms and liberties now and for the future, and for our Freedom to Choose.

Please Kokua.

Mahalo, MFH