Call your union rep or email them NOW TODAY FRIDAY 08/13/2021

Ask them any of the following:

How to I get help filling out these forms.
Has the Union looked at these forms and approved that they protect my rights?
Why do I have to test and Vax people don’t have to test even though the most recent first responder infections were Vaxed personnel?
What are you going to do to help me with exemptions?
If I sign this do I violate any of my Constitutional Right? Negotiated Rights?
Why aren’t you guys helping people who want to Choose exemption?
Tell them your story, Tell them you do’t want to be forced to pick.
Tell them you ready to quit over this.
Tell them you need help! 23 year Captain is ready to walk off this job forever. He already went home sick. Crying. CALL THE UNION NOW. SCREAM AT THEM AND ASK THEM TO HELP US.

  • SHOPO – Police
    • 808-847-4676


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