Silent Rally Details 08/16/2021

Sign Suggestions:

“Hawai’i’s First Responders Earned the Right to CHOOSE” (First Responders can be changed to whatever occupation you represent or support)

“Keep Hawa’i Mandate Free”

“In GOD We Trust”

“Be Kind to Each Other”

“We Continue to Serve You”

Please REMEMBER that our focus is OUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE/ FREEDOM OF CHOICE and signs should be created around those concepts. You may want to include our website on your sign, so people know where to go for more information. Mahalo for joining us and standing with us! We appreciate you!!!

3 thoughts on “Silent Rally Details 08/16/2021

  1. CDC admitted PCR test faulty, discontinuing EUA & use at end of year, but no corrections to ‘cases’, because psychological operation is established.
    Governor & Mayor should be personally held responsible, sued. Enlist the State Auditor to examine money flows to hospitals

  2. May GOD continue to Bless & Keep us safe and keep us FREE of this violation of our rights as humans. AMEN!🙌🏽

  3. My coworker tested positive and is vaccinated… I have no problem being tested weekly, but everyone should be tested and Quarantined if they had contact automatic 😉 but that’s not the process here yet… THE FEAR AT WORK IS REAL on both ends!

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