Freedoms of Choice and Speech

Mandate Free Hawaii supports our freedoms of choice and speech. As Americans, one of our FUNDAMENTAL rights is to speak in protest.

We understand, however, that our state is currently enduring a very difficult time in this pandemic. We ask our supporters and the public that if they do choose to voice their concerns openly at gatherings, that they do so respectfully.

We do not endorse nor condone harassment or threats of political figures or any individual. And we ask ALL to respect governmental leaders requests regarding gatherings, inside and outside.

This movement is about preserving our naturally endowed freedoms and liberties now and for the future, and for our Freedom to Choose.

Please Kokua.

Mahalo, MFH

3 thoughts on “Freedoms of Choice and Speech

  1. Mahalo nui loa…for being so finely organized. I love being infoy and want to support you at rallies.. and possibly a monetary donation altho, it’s so small.

  2. Aloha! I appreciate the opportunity to voice my concerns in regards to the Mandatory “vaccination”. Our daughter just turned 17 and is in her final year in high school. She along with us as her parents were looking forward to her senior year playing in sports as she has throughout her high school term. She’s a cross-country runner, plays water polo and paddles canoe!

    Needless to say, covid has turned EVERYONE’S world topsy turvy. But when her school mandated all athletes to take the shot, we were VERY concerned! Yet we heard the band members DON’T have to get the shot and they mostly practice INDOORS! Go figure?!?

    Our ‘ohana is more than hesitant to receive the shot ourselves due to the way it was introduced to the public to begin with. Bribes, or incentives with everything under the sun and now finally “mandatory” to work, play, eat and shop raised our hackles!

    We just don’t TRUST the Pharmaceutical Corporations, the FDA OR the local state and federal government especially INCLUDING the MEDIA! We aren’t Conspiracy Theorists by any means. We just FEEL something is hinky here and we’re NOT being told the truth! My na‘au and trusting it has gotten me this far in my 62 years of life.

    All we ask is that we are able to let our baby girl enjoy her LAST YEAR of high school playing the sports she’s been playing for over 6 years! She’s paddled for Keaukaha Canoe Club since she was 11 and took it up since she started high school. Except for last year during lockdown and at-home schooling, our daughter’s grades are exemplary! She was a bit depressed during the lockdown. Now she’s digging in to her last year hoping for the best!

    I again just appreciate the opportunity to express my heart to you and anyone else concerned. I respect and appreciate what you’re doing and pray for all concerned during this difficult time! Mahalo NUI!
    Mālama Pono!
    In Aloha,
    Jeri K. La‘a

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