Freedoms of Choice and Speech

Mandate Free Hawaii supports our freedoms of choice and speech. As Americans, one of our FUNDAMENTAL rights is to speak in protest. We understand, however, that our state is currently enduring a very difficult time in this pandemic. We ask our supporters and the public that if they do choose to voice their concerns openlyContinue reading “Freedoms of Choice and Speech”

Silent Rally Details 08/16/2021

Sign Suggestions: “Hawai’i’s First Responders Earned the Right to CHOOSE” (First Responders can be changed to whatever occupation you represent or support) “Keep Hawa’i Mandate Free” “In GOD We Trust” “Be Kind to Each Other” “We Continue to Serve You” Please REMEMBER that our focus is OUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE/ FREEDOM OF CHOICE and signsContinue reading “Silent Rally Details 08/16/2021”

California Unions Come Together to Oppose Mandate

A few of California’s unions have released official letters OPPOSING the order the State of California issued on August 5th, requiring that ALL healthcare workers be vaccinated against Covid-19 without another option by the end September. The following is a direct quote from the Sacramention SAFF Local 522 President’s letter: The Sacramento Area Fire FightersContinue reading “California Unions Come Together to Oppose Mandate”