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EEOC Documents

We cannot give legal advice, but we can point you to documents that explain what your rights are. BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR EXEMPTION, or you are being questioned for more information about your exemption, or you have received a denial of your exemption request, you may want to read this document. It is lengthy, but I…

Freedoms of Choice and Speech

Mandate Free Hawaii supports our freedoms of choice and speech. As Americans, one of our FUNDAMENTAL rights is to speak in protest. We understand, however, that our state is currently enduring a very difficult time in this pandemic. We ask our supporters and the public that if they do choose to voice their concerns openly…

Exemption Kokua

We know everyone got questions Unions and admins ain’t helping. All we can do is self educate. We can’t tell you what to do but we can point you to resources. We don’t endorse any on resource but we’re trying to help. Click here for video


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