Start Your Movement

  1. Organize – Find a way to reach out to people in your organization to let them know you’re collecting names of anyone who supports the freedom to choose.
    • Consider using a text message that sends them to a google form.
      • Sample Text: Hello Friends, as you know the vaccine mandate is coming and we’re going to have to get the vaccine or lose our jobs. I don’t know where you stand on mandatory vaccination but a group of our fellow co-workers want to preserve their right to choose what they put in their bodies. A group of us are looking to file an injunction to stay the mandate and need some help. I know it’s a confusing and perhaps you may not have any objections to the vaccine but if you do support a person’s right to choose what goes in their body and would be willing to support your fellow firefighters who want to exercise their rights, we are looking to collect as many names as possible by next week to add to the possible injunction filing. If you’re willing to participate we just need your basic contact info to be filled on on this form. ENTER GOOGLE FORM LINK. Thanks!
  2. Google Form – Create a new gmail account that’s close to your organizations name. is our email. After you create the gmail you’ll have a Google Drive account. Then go in there and create your Google Form.
  3. Once you have people who start coming to your form and you start building in numbers you have a zoom call just to get everyone on the same page.
  4. Then you’ll have to find and interview lawyers in your area – You want to find someone who knows both Constitutional Law and Employment Law. You can go to the ADF or Liberty Counsel and search for lawyers in your area. If you cannot find a lawyer in your area that meets your needs you can ask lawyers in your area if they are willing to sponsor a lawyer from elsewhere “pro hoc”. If they are you can look for and contact lawyers elsewhere and see if they’d work with you. When you find a lawyer you should ask them what they think it will cost and eventually you will need to hire them.
  5. Communications – If your group stays small you may not need to get any sophisticated texting app. However if your group is large then you should look in to a mass texting solution. You will also need a zoom account. And maybe even a conference call line (
  6. Fund Raising – so now you’ve talked to lawyer and maybe you’ve picked one. Hopefully they gave you an idea of the cost to litigate your case. Now you’ll have to fundraise. I’d recommend setting up a GiveSendGo fundraiser. This site respects freedom of speech unlike GoFundMe who has shut down fundraisers if they didn’t agree with the politics or the cause. You’ll need to look into setting up an entity or just receiving the funds all yourself. You can ask a CPA in your area what they think would work best.

So that’s how you get things going. Keeping things goin is a whole other story.